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Custom Mutant Troll adopt to sugar--cookie~ by AnaXHedgecat
Custom Mutant Troll adopt to sugar--cookie~
The custom number # 2 from THIS adoptable sheet to :iconsugar--cookie:
I had to do it with this information:

Symbol: Clock
Gender: Male
Hair Style: 
Messy mess mess
Long sleeved hoodie, skinny jeans, open toe sandals, eye over right eye
Special Details/Acessories: 
Blind in right eye, eyepatch covers it
Anything else? 
Not very inclined to show blood color, complete dick, has pocketwatchKind for his strife modus 

I'm not really happy with his sandals and hair...DD: Also,I can't do eyepetches for good ;A; it kinda look weird...
well,you are free to change it if you want ^^'
I also added an "alternative blind eye" option,I dunno,I have this headcanon that a troll blind eye is only red like that if it was burned by the alternian sun,like what happened with Terezi,and since I didn't know this guy backstory/his owner headcanons I did both versions ^^ You can pick one of them.
And like the last time,I actually did the sprite sheet of him showing and not his blood color,just for the fun and/maybe reference? I dunno XD Feel free to 'ignore it' if you want.
Well,anyway,I hope you like your new Mutant Harlequin blooded troll :3 Feel free to change whatever you want on it~


Credit time~
Bases/Sprites sheets used:
I used A LOT of bases,to the hair,clothes,eyes and even the body base itself,so,I'm going to credit the people that I REMEMBER using their bases,If you see a part of your bases,whoever,I didn't credit you,PLEASE tell me,and I will make SURE to credit you,thank you.

•Some of the bases found here:…

Homestuck (c) :iconandrewhussieplz:
Character desing (c) :iconanaxhedgecat:
YTS GIF- Jerome and Mitch: God-tier
Rogue of Breath and Page of Light

I'm enjoying way too much making those GIF's... :'D 
I also really enjoy this art style...meh.

So yeah,after my last YTS+God-tiers GIF,I wanted to do some more soooo yeah! I did :'D
Did Mitch and Jerome because I really like how their god-tiers go together and also because #Merome yo. 
funny is that I haven't watched them in 
I dunno,I can somehow see those two ascending to god-tier together... Kinda like Dirk-Roxy and Jake-Jane did OvO
So,Yeah! Have Jerome as the rogue of breath and Mitch as the page of light,guys c: 

Also,I already have the sketches,so probably will be doing Pewdie and Cry's god-tier GIFs next OuO
I also would love if you guys leave me suggestions of what youtubers+God-tier I should do GIFs like those~ 

Credit Time~

Homestuck/God-tiers desing (c) :iconandrewhussieplz:
JeromeASF and TheBajanCanadian(Mitch) (c) Themselves
Art + GIF (c) :iconanaxhedgecat:
YTS GIF-Mark and Marzia- Mage/Sylph of ... ?[HELP]
Bad GIFs Haha.
I suck at making GIFs :'D

WOW! Look at that! An youtuberstuck related art after basically mounths without one?!?! U got it babe. 
So yeah,me and :iconbloodshotbulletproof: were talking about the possibility of adding Markiplier into my "personal youtuberstuck headcanons session" and stuff like that,and then we got to decide Mark's God-tier..and THEN is when we got confuse. :'D
So yeah,Mostly,in youtuberstuck universe,people see Mark as the Knight of Hope,But I dunno,I honestly can see Mark being an Mage...He helps a lot of people with his 'knowledge' and stuff like that,more than protect others/himself...maybe is just for me,but I dunno.
So yeah,we start talking about the possibilities for his god-tier,and I came up with Mage of Hope,WHOEVER,Marzia is the Sylph of Hope in the session he would be in (The Normal gamers/vlog youtubers one) and then we started thinking about changing his aspects and stuff.
But I couldn't decide soo...I dunno,I thought you guys may help me with it?
The doubts i'm having is what god-tier Mark AND Marzia should be...for both,is either Mage of Hope or Mage of Blood to Mark,and Sylph of Hope and Sylph of Blood to Marzia.
To make it "easier" to you guys,I will put a little description of each god-tier (Note: All taken from tumblr since I don't know how to explain god-tiers. haha.)
Mage of Blood-
A mage is the "one who understand completly ___ and may share his knowledge with others". The Blood aspect deals with Unity, bonds, loyalty, affection, affinity, relationships, and actual blood.
A Mage of Blood would benefit themselves with their understanding of  relationships, bonds and unity and guide the rest by setting an example of it. They would be able to stop fights between teammates. They know beforehand which people are in cahoots with each other, whether as an alliance or friendship or romantic partner.

Mage of Hope-
The aspect Hope moves around positive emotions, attraction, belief and hope itself. In the comic,Jake also implies that could be something about an strong friendship.
A Mage of Hope is one who actively understands potential, faith, and positive emotions. A Mage of Hope’s abilities can be quite a boost to the party. Their expertise in Hope can make them excellent supporters and great boosters. They Knowledge would be really supportive with others and what they believe,literally explaining and "giving" hope to others by being an example of hope himself. 

Sylph of Blood-
A Sylph is "one who heals ___ and/or trough ___".
A Sylph of Blood would be one who both heals blood and bonds and heals with them. One way to describe it would be a mediator. They heal the bonds between people meaning they could end and solve arguments and keep friendships together. They would be the real rock of the team. The Sylph would be a very kind person. Someone who hates conflict and strife and would look to end it wherever and however possible

Sylph of Hope-
A Sylph of Hope heals, not only belief, but can heal wounds (Physical or mental) by believingShe keeps the teams spirits so high, and when she detects a small crack on it, she’s already fixing itThese Sylphs are the cheerleaders of the team, always being able to lead the group back out from the deep, dark trenches of despair and reminding them that there is a cause worth fighting for.
Well,there it is... ^^'
So yeah,tell me in the comments what you guys think? I dunno...
I thought about making Mark the Mage of Hope and turning Marzia into a Sylph of Blood...but I dunno.

Credit time!
Homestuck + God-tier  (c):iconandrewhussieplz:
Markiplier and Marzia/CutiePieMarzia (c) Themself
Art (c) :iconanaxhedgecat:

I CHANGED THE BLOG! Now,instead of just ask pewdie in troll form,you can ask OTHER youtubers too! :3… But please,make sure to check the link called "Character List" so you can know what youtubers you are able to ask to,ok? thank you~

So,after some time,I FINALLY opened my Ask Troll!Pewdie blog! <33 I had to work on the tumblr theme and stuff like that,so...yeah,opening it now XD
If you have an tumblr and would like to ask him anything,go ahead!! If you don't,feel free to ask in THIS IMAGE,your answer will be posted on tumblr,and then I will link you to it! :3
Also,all the other Troll!Youtubers I did until now are avaible there! the main troll is pewdie,but the others are also up to questions,as long as pewdie know them,at least :meows:
So yeah! Ask and follow,Pewdie will be happy to answer some questions!! ~
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