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YTS GIF- Bodil --- Laugh your ass off at Simon
//Also,Sorry for the "vulgarity" in the text+tittle...but you guys know...I couldn't find "another way" to do it XD

------Show Dialog------

SIMON: Bodil. You said you were going to help me find my body so I could keep going through my fucking planet. YOU. AREN'T. HELPING.
BODIL: I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY!  But Simon,what the hell?! Did you tried to translate some words from bulgarian to english all by yourself or what?! 
BODIL: HAHA,SORRY,I KNOW IT ISN'T...BUT SERIOUSLY THO...there is so much things wrong here...I can't. God,you suck at english SO MUCH Simon...
SIMON: Yeah yeah,whatever. I suck at english. Can we keep trying to find my body,Mr. Poofy-pants?!
BODIL: I would be offended by the "Poofy-pants",but those "poofy-pants" actually just show that I am WAY better than you already. LOL.
SIMON: I hate you,so. freacking. much.

------End Dialog------

Yaaay,more panels edits...I sure missed those! 
So yeah,I wanted to do some panels edits with YTS,AAAAND I wanted to do some more Bodil,and then Simon came up too,since I basically NEVER had draw him in an panel before... Sorry Simon D:
And then,I started thinking about an idea I had...Yes,Simon IS and ghost here and he IS dead,but not "completely" dead...Is kinda complicated ^^'
But basically,Simon's Land, LOJAF (Land Of Jumps And Frustration) have kinda an unique "glitch" that makes him come "back to life" whenever he would fail a way to high jump and would hurt himself pretty bad,kinda like an "healing glitch",if he somehow dies while trying to make the jumps,he can come back to life if his spirit/ghost go back to his body,who would probably be located in the last zone/last jump he did before failing. This is sure and weird ass glitch in his Land,but he isn't really complaining about it,it appears that it would only affect his "Death status" if he died while trying to go around his land,normal deaths would be permanent unless revived by the "normal ways" in the game.
BUT,in this image,what happened was a little different,Simon indeed died while trying to jump around his land,but he couldn't find his body (probably because he was getting 'close' to the end of it,getting close his quest bed.) it wasn't in his last jump,last "checkpoint",no where. Lucky for him,Bodil ended up in his land,already in his god-tier status,and agreed to help Simon to find his body and finish his land quest. But not without making fun of Simon in the way,and reminding him that he sucks at parkour and at english.
Yeah,random histories and headcanons,wooo~
But anyway,hope you guys like it ^^'
I will do more of those,probably...I just need some good panels to edit so..if you guys even have any panels that you would like to see me editing,just send to me and say what youtuber you would like to see in it! Meow :3

Credit Time~

Homestuck/Original panel (c) :iconandrewhussieplz:
Bodil40 and SimonHDS90 (c) Themselves
Panel Edit (c) :iconanaxhedgecat:

Please!Remember,you are free to comment with your opinion on this!I really love to see what you guys think of it! :3 Thank you~ </s>
YTS GIF- Cry GT- Heir of Space
Aaaaand there we go! Cry is here!
Again,nothing much to say about it...apart from his hair color,I guess.
Now,I am aware of the fact that Cry said that he DOESN'T have brown hair like the fanbase mostly do him with,actually,the only thing people are getting right are his blue eyes,but c'mon guys,that's cry were talking about...He can have pink hair and we wouldn't even know. 
My point is: I really like my desing of Cry with brown hair,so,i'm gonna keep it... BUT I actually changed a little,I made it darker,pushing a little to black (only didn't make it black because he is an heir of space,that is an outfit with A LOT of black/gray colors) But yeah,just pointing it out,I guess ^^"
And now,I'm not sure who I will be making next...perhaps Bodil or Deadlox...I want to draw some princes so...I dunno :B
I would love if you guys leave me suggestions of what youtubers+God-tier I should do GIFs like those~ 

Credit Time~

Homestuck/God-tier desing (c) :iconandrewhussieplz:
CryoticMonki (Cry) (c) Himself
Art + GIF (c) :iconanaxhedgecat:
YTS GIF- Pewdiepie GT- Knight of Heart
More of those like I said I would do c':
Took me some time to be done with it tho... I'm still freacking out because of the 25/10 upd8. yeah.
So,yeah...nothing much to say about it...
I changed A LITTLE pewd's hair color,made it a little darker because I noticed that was WAY too blondish >.o I think it looks more like an natural blond-color now...
and I noticed now that I fucked up with the BG a little bit..woops.
So yeah,Cry's next.
And I would love if you guys leave me suggestions of what youtubers+God-tier I should do GIFs like those~ 

Credit Time~

Homestuck/God-tier desing (c) :iconandrewhussieplz:
Pewdiepie (c) Himself
Art + GIF (c) :iconanaxhedgecat:

I CHANGED THE BLOG! Now,instead of just ask pewdie in troll form,you can ask OTHER youtubers too! :3… But please,make sure to check the link called "Character List" so you can know what youtubers you are able to ask to,ok? thank you~

So,after some time,I FINALLY opened my Ask Troll!Pewdie blog! <33 I had to work on the tumblr theme and stuff like that,so...yeah,opening it now XD
If you have an tumblr and would like to ask him anything,go ahead!! If you don't,feel free to ask in THIS IMAGE,your answer will be posted on tumblr,and then I will link you to it! :3
Also,all the other Troll!Youtubers I did until now are avaible there! the main troll is pewdie,but the others are also up to questions,as long as pewdie know them,at least :meows:
So yeah! Ask and follow,Pewdie will be happy to answer some questions!! ~
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umm if you wouldnt mind doing me another favor i know it's only 9 days till halloween but umm if i give you 15 points you think you could possibly make a costume for HTF as nutty before halloween
AnaXHedgecat Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014  Student General Artist
I'm sorry,I won't be able to make it... :( I have some personal stuff to take care of,and i'm not going to be able to do commissions and stuff like that for others,sorry ^^'
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its fine i understand
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mmmh,sorry,I guess I didn't saw it ^^'  I may had deleted your comment without seeing it by mistake ;u;'
what was it?
It's still up tho o-o
Anyway I thought since you probably needed another youtuber I made Mark a bio you could see or get inspiration from ^_^
AnaXHedgecat Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014  Student General Artist
Oh,yeah! I saw it now ^^ You had replied to your own comment,that's why I didn't say it...XD
I dunno,I may add him in the YTS universe,Still have to think about it...^^"
benderfan23 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014
Just paid 
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hey i'm just here to remind you about my commission 
AnaXHedgecat Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014  Student General Artist
Yeah,I know...I still remember it ^^"
I just didn't had the time to even start it...D: Sorry ç-ç
I will probably be getting to it pretty soon though,I'm fast with panels edits so,it shouldn't take that much time,to be honest ^^
I kinda forgot though...I'm pretty sure I told you it would cost 5 :points:,did you send them to me yet?
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